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Zack Korgaard – Owner/Blogger

Candlewood Clinic is an alternative medicine center based in Colorado Springs, CO. It provides chiropractic, neurofeedback therapy, and other alternative medicine procedures. Here you will find personalized innovative solutions for all. We investigate the real causes of your condition instead of treating symptoms. Then we come up with a custom designed clinical approach for you.

We want to help you lead a healthy life. Whether you are suffering from chronic immune or looking for wellness, we are here to help you. In our clinic, we provide alternatives to drugs. We believe that healthy habits create healthy lives. So, we focus on preventing diseases through nutrition, diet and exercise.

At Candlewood Clinic, we study your history, lifestyle and physiology that can lead to illness. We use the modern laboratory testing to find out the underlying causes of your health issues. Besides treating, we also educate you on various health issues. You can attend our free wellness classes to have a feel of what we do. If you are thinking of drug-free treatment for your illness, then you can come to us and see what difference we can make to your life. Call us and book an appointment today!